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Love does matter!  Here is a portrait of a loving feline pair.  He is all dressed up in his tuxedo and red bow tie and she has chosen a lovely red bow to wear.  This was originally designed for Valentine’s Day but I believe every day should be Valentine’s Day!  This is one of my original designs and is painted on wood.

Measures:  7 3/8” wide and 8” tall from the top of the heart to the bottom of the piece.

Shipping is included in the price and will be shipped Priority Mail in the USA only.

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This lovely angel is a Terrye French design, painted by me.  I love Terrye’s designs but this one really got to me. I chose to paint her on a domed piece of MDF with a checkered border to frame all her charm. I love the way she is displaying her embroidery handwork as well as the tag around her neck with the pair.  And then, the embroidery on her dress topped it all off!  I can see her being placed anywhere you choose. The “country” colors make this a versatile piece for sure! The check border is a very dark brown and buttermilk (it may look black in the photo). A sawtooth hanger is attached on the back.

Measurements:  10 1/4" tall by 7 1/4” wide.

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I designed this piece as something that can be displayed during the Easter/Spring season but would not have to be limited to just this place in time.  The surface is tin that has been painted on bottom and inside with a luscious copper paint.  The side panel is painted with a tan paint and then speckled eggs and fine line feathers are added. The design is on both sides.  Once allowed to dry, another level of speckling was done with a dark brown.  The wooden handles have been left alone and should age beautifully. 

Measurements:  From handle to handle, the piece is approximately 15” long, 5 1/4” wide and 4” high from handle to the bottom.

Price for FEATHERS AND EGGS is $39.00 which includes priority shipping inside the USA. 

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I would guess that it is not to early to be thinking of Easter decorations.  I designed this piece with that in mind.  I utilized an old piece of pine barn wood, sealed it well and painted my design.  Rather than a “feather tree” I used a wood dowel tree sitting in a clay pot with “painted wooden cut outs” and an Easter banner at the bottom.  The bunny has blue button eyes and a nice blue bow.  The entire piece is bordered in a green frame with blue painted blanket stitches. 

There is a saw tooth hanger attached to the back for hanging.

Measurements:  15” tall, 7 1/4” wide and the wood is 3/4” thick. 

Price for Welcome Spring Is $37.00 which includes priority shipping inside the USA. 

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I found this charming, vintage, but really well used rocking lamb at a unique shop in my neighborhood and just had to have it to paint.  I pictured something primitive and red, white and blue.  It was someone’s treasured toy (or several someones’) and I felt it needed to be rejuvenated. 

I swirled the hair on the head and neck with thick swirls of paint to give it some texture.  I left the handle in the original state.  The back was painted in red and white stripes and antiqued.  The support pieces were painted a lovely shade of blue and I added tons of stars.  This area was also antiqued.  The runners were also painted blue with some stars and “Sweet Land of Liberty” to complete them.  The entire piece was distressed on the pressure areas and antiqued again. A large black dot was added for each eye and carefully outlined for definition. This has been varnished with a “soft touch varnish”. I personally love the way it turned out. 

For decorative purposes only.  This little lamb has been well-ridden in the past and it is time for a rest!

Measurements:  This is a large piece approximately measuring 21 inches tall, 32 inches long for the runners, 9 inches wide at the base and the body is 19 inches from tip of nose to tail area.

Price for ROCKING LAMB is $165.00, first class mail with insurance included inside the USA only.